Spanish Walking Tours of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Founded by sisters raised in the northwestern Galician region of Spain, Adiante Travel represents the heart and soul of its founders. Every detail of an Adiante tour is meant to replicate the magic the founders have each personally experienced.

In an effort to capture and share the beauty of the Way, Adiante donates a percentage of each purchase to the children of Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Monica Rooney Riestra

Owner & U.S. Operations Manager

Though born and raised just 20 minutes from Santiago de Compostela, Monica Rooney’s intention to make the Way pilgrimage seemed thwarted by life. She says that “for one reason or another, I could never find the right time or motivation.”

After a particularly trying few years that included a bout with cancer and the loss of both parents, she found her resolve to walk the Camino. For her, the journey represented a release for grief and triumph over her disease.

Once making the journey, Monica knew she had to help others experience the Santiago’s magic and enlightenment. She is meticulous in her efforts to provide travelers a wholesome, organic and spiritual experience where travelers move back in time and forget their troubles of today.

Monica holds a degree in Tourism Administration from Madrid, Spain and a degree in International Business from San Francisco State University, adeptly accommodating guests from throughout the world.

María José Riestra Rivas

Spanish Operations Manager

Maria Jose has lived in Santiago de Compostela since moving there to attend college at 18 and considers herself Galician to her soul. The magic and beauty of the Camino de Santiago impacts every time she makes the journey. “It’s unforgettable and life-altering,” says Maria Jose.

She considers it a joy to help others experience this very special journey and its destination, her beloved city, which boasts one of the most beautiful plazas in the world (La Plaza del Obradoiro).

When she is not arranging tours, Maria Jose raises her family and works as a document analyst for the regional television station. She brings her experience and education–she holds a degree in Art History with an emphasis in Galician history– to Adiante Travel, providing a sound and knowledgeable foundation for her clients’ journeys.

Adiante Travel Tour Guides

We contract only the highest caliber tour guides and are proud to present these guides as part of our family team. All are natives of Galicia (Northwest Spain) and accredited Certified Tour guides by the Galician Government. Each enjoys rich, personal interaction with tour members which is one of the reasons they enjoy Adiante’s small group philosophy.

Not only are they fully capable guides, but each mirrors our belief that The Camino is both a spiritual journey and an effective way to meet the Galician region and its people, as well as a healthy activity for body and mind. Adiante Travel’s tour guides live and work in Santiago and are proud to be ambassadores of the Camino. They love to share their knowledge and expertise and can’t wait to share facts of the Spanish culture and its heritage with you.

Manuel Ruzo Adiante Travel Tour GuideManuel Ruzo

Manuel holds a degree in Tourism Administration and speaks both English and French, as well as his native Spanish language. In addition to becoming an accredited tour guide in 1992, he owned and operated a restaurant in downtown Santiago, making him an expert in local and regional cuisine. That’s good news for his groups as his expertise in The Camino will be complimented by a wealth of gastronomical, cultural and natural knowledge of the area.

Sabela Vilariño Adiante Travel Tour GuideSabela Vilariño

Sabela was born in Galicia (Spain), speaks English and Italian and holds a degree in Tourism. She has been a Certified Tourist Guide for four years and has guided groups through The Camino as well as around Galicia on historical, artistic and cultural tours.